Japanese software vendor
New business planning

Recruit Number230303

Company (anonymous) (Company name undisclosed)Development of AI software solutions
Job type / Position New business planning
Job description [Job Summary]
Currently, as an approach to new business planning, we are developing multiple products that can be horizontally deployed while raising the needs of customers acquired with existing products and proposing solutions to their problems.
With client work as the starting point, you will face abstract issues, formulate strategies, and lead new business development and planning.
[Specific work content]
-Planning and execution of strategies for existing customers, project management business figures, construction and management of business operations
-Designing new service value for long-term growth of Chat Boost CV
-Formulation of new business plan
-0→1 phase growth traction
-Collaboration with stakeholders such as engineers and operations departments
Mandatory requirement Those who satisfy any of the following
・Experience in launching a toB service business or BizDev experience
・Consulting firm business experience
Preferable requirement ・ Those who want to grow while working hard with excellent members
・ People who want to challenge business startup
・ A mindset that enjoys launching a business amid high uncertainty
・ logical thinking
・ The force that envelops the surroundings
・ ownership
Conditions [Employment form] Full-time employee
[Work location/Transportation] Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
[Salary] Annual income 6-12 million yen
Message from JIMA It is an AI development vendor that is currently making rapid progress. Why don’t you play an active part in the lively corporate culture among the young management team?   
Please contact us for details. Foreigners who are fluent in Japanese can also apply.