Job opportunity for corporate recruiter

JIMA’s value

JIMA’s recruiting consultants have a lot of experience as business people.

It is because we have the experience of hiring human resources as a person in charge of a company, the experience of changing jobs as an applicant, and the experience of both sides, we can find, evaluate, and introduce accurate candidates.

Before making a referral, an industry-savvy consultant will check both skills and capability acurately in advance, communicating the requirements of the client company to the applicant.

Recruiters who are fluent in foreign languages

Recruitment flow

Step1 First contact

First of all, please contact us from the inquiry form. Our consultant will contact you.

Contact Us

Step2 Hearing of requirement (background of recruitment, desired candidate, etc.)

Our consultants will discuss directly about human resources needs. Please share us in detail about the recruiting background, required skills, organizational culture and desired person image.

Step3 Matching

Based on the human resources requirements you have told us, we will pick up highly specialized and ready-to-work human resources in our data pool perform the best matching.

Step4 Arrange an interview

Based on the matching result, we will arrange the interview between company and candidate (we might join as opptional). The company would comprehensively judge the job seeker’s ability, experience, personality, etc, and if hiring is decided, we will supportclosing process.

Step5 Closing

If an employment contract is concluded, we will charge you a referral fee. If the employment contract is unsuccessful, no fee will be charged.

Onboarding support service - optional

We will support onboarding measures so that the human resources who have been hired can quickly become familiar with the organization and play an active role as a force. It’s not a standard one. We will propose on a case-by-case basis. Please consult your consultant.