Recruiting Service for Specialists.
Society, Market, Companies need digital and Global talents.

Recruiting Service for Specialists
Would you like to utilize your skills and experience to step up?

In the times, the wave of DX and globalization is coming.
Despite Covid19, no, by Covid19, the importance of digital has been further appreciated.
Humans and computers, AI, robots, Japan and the world, digital and analog,
In the olden days, combinations that seemed to be incompatible, in fact, it has become clear that it will support the further evolution of civilization.
Now is a great time to challenge. Utilizing your skills
Would you like to further refine and use it as food to step up?

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We will support you from first contact to employment and retention.



Please contact us first.

Please fill in the inquiry, online interview application form. Consultant of JIMA will contact you based on the information you received.



Interviews and matching with companies

We will support you until you meet a company that you are satisfied with.

We will support you until you meet a company that you are satisfied with.



Application / interview support

Once the company to apply for is decided, the consultant will process the application and arrange the interview. We will also give you advice on interview preparation and document preparation. Our consultants have much information through direct communication with each company than job description distributed, Based on each candidates personality, intention and career plan, we will support you so that the recruiting company and the job seeker can understand each other.



Job offering, negotiation closing support

We provide the support for various issue that should be difficult to negotiate on your own, such as the date of joining the company and detail conditions



Continually support after joining

If you have any problems or concerns after joining the company, please consult with your consultant. We will provide continually support for smooth launch and success.

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About us

profile of Principal and Founder

BA of Economics, Keio University
Looking ahead to his future, he joined the Hokkaido Tukushoku Bank for studying finance and Industry. He was appointed as a recruiter in the Human Resources Department after working as loan and foreign trading officer in the early days in frenzy bubble era. Securing the highest number of new employees in Takugin's history at the challenge under struggle situation. Also planned and implemented the first mid-career open recruitment for business expansion.
After that, he was assigned to the Seattle branch in the United States. With the growing of Microsoft near the rented house, he gave up on the bank damaged by the bubble and turned to the IT industry. He arranged the debts held by the branch office, closed the branch office, and then joined SAP Japan in its early days. He trains in SAP Academy and becomes a FI/CO consultant. After working on a financial institution project in New York, he became the general manager of the financial industry, but during the IT bubble, he took part in the launch of a British SW venture in Japan. The business went well, but the head office sold itself and encountered Tokyo office closure. After searching for myself for a while and repeating the similar experience in big IT as well as IT venture several times, I established a company.
With all the experience of end users, software sales, and consulting, management, the company was fully established. He tries to develop to become a consultant that meets all needs.

Please see here for detailed background and network.

Consulting experience

Business Process Management & Optimization, Paperless TOKYO BAR ASSOCIATION
Improving employee satisfaction major Japanese manufacturing company
comprehensive support to introduce business partners in Japan and build up SW vender in US
comprehensive support to introduce business partners in Japan and build up SW vender in France
End-user development support in Japan SW vender in India
comprehensive support to business development in Japan System Integrator in India
IT department build up support, DX promotion support mid size service and retail company in Japan
Advisory for outsourcing and offshore development financial institution in Japan

At the end, it became the needs of people, and we entered the recruitment business.

performance of recruiting business

SW vender in Japan Japanese university graduate engineer from originally Bangladesh
SW vender in Japan Controller with deep experience in foreign based SW venders
SW vender in Japan Technical manager from a major foreign-affiliated IT vender
service company in Japan IT infrastructure manager from a major Japanese System Integrator
service company in Japan Marketing manager from a major foreign-affiliated IT vender
foreign based system Integrator Indian SW engineer


  • For the recruiting side (client company), based on industry work experience and hiring manager experience, grasp accurate recruitment requirements and provide advice that matches market trends. Upon request, we also provide advice on creating an organization.
  • For the job-seeking side (candidate), we carry out careful counseling while interweaving the successes and failures of ourselves, acquaintances, and past candidates. Advice for career planning.
  • Knowledge of business culture in each region and recognition of Japan's peculiarities based on overseas experience and work experience at foreign companies with understanding to insight of diversity
  • Supports Japanese, English and French
  • Rapid process by making full use of IT tools and utilizing remote interviews
  • Accumulation of thick candy dates through a network based on long business experience
  • Abundant candidate information from overseas and foreign-owned partner companies
  • Complete success reward. (For cases where full-scale consulting is provided, consult with us on an extra charge basis)
Company Name JIMA Consulting & Agent Service LLC
Principal and Founder Hiroshi Nakajima
Establishment Sep, 2021
Office Location Miyama Bldg 3F 3-35-2 Asakusa Taitok-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL 03-6802-4722

FAX 03-6730-1953



Hiroshi Nakajima

  1. Principal and Founder of JIMA Consulting & Agent ServiceLLC
  2. Chairman of NPO STOP SMOKING
Please see here

Senior Consultant

Rie Mogi

  1. Senior Consultant at JIMA Consulting & Agent Service LLC)
  2. Representative of Integrant Inc.
  3. Advisor at Quality of Life Inc.
  4. Negotia Club, Certified Practitioner

BA of commerce, Waseda University. After engaging in sales, public relations, and business planning at Recruit Co., Ltd., Mogi designed and consulted assessments, including 360-degree evaluation, at a corporate value evaluation company from a non-financial perspective.She has also experienced many consulting projects of implementation of BSC (Balanced Scorecard) for major manufacturing company and system integrator. After managing an IT engineering company, she started her own company, Integrant Inc. and provides support for identifying and improving problems related to organizations and human resources. Prior to joining to JIMA, she has done a lot of work for the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and local governments (Tokyo Metropolitan Government and others) in HR strategy consulting projects to support the recruitment and retention of human resources.


HUMMINGBiRD associates Co.,Ltd.(president)
Shigeo Wakamatsu

  1. BA of Engineering, Kyushu University
  2. Experienced at Recruit Co., Ltd. and Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. (formerly Personnel Measurement Institute → HRR), he has served as a personnel / recruitment, recruitment and public relations sales for corporations, personnel system design consultant, consulting manager, and marketing sales manager for West Japan / East Japan.
  3. Wakamatsu established Hummingbird Associates Co., Ltd. in 2010. Business operations in three divisons: human resources recruitment support, education and training, and personnel system design.
    2013 Entrusted university student career support project from Osaka Prefecture.
    2015 Senior Human Resources Business Facilitator (in charge of Kagoshima and Nagasaki prefectures)  of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

※Reputed for providing individual and polite practical consulting based on customer circumstances regardless of company size or industry.

Associate Wanted

We welcome you to join us !

We are looking for collaborative partners and associates

JIMA Consulting & Agent Service LLC welcomes enquiries for business partnerships and collaborations in the recruitment business. We are looking for partners who can grow with us by using our mutual network to achieve the best match at the best time for both employers and job seekers. We have a large pool of high-specification foreign IT professionals (sourced from India, Bangladesh, China, etc.) and a high quality pool of senior managers with a wealth of experience working for domestic and overseas companies. We welcome companies that are licensed as fee-charging employment agencies, individuals who have a wide network, and those who have a second job. Please contact us even if you just want to exchange information.

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