Manufacturing - German subsidiary

Recruit Number220517

Company (anonymous) (Company name undisclosed) Japanese subsidiary of a German company that manufactures safety brakes, torque limiters, and couplings.
Job type / Position Presales
Job description Proposal-based sales of safety brakes, torque limiters, and couplings that are highly evaluated and trusted worldwide. The company’s products have already been delivered to many companies in the Japanese market through distributors. Our customers are major machine manufacturers that represent Japan and manufacture machine tools, robots for production equipment, elevators, stage equipment, cranes, tunnel excavators, large printing presses, etc. The main business is new business development. For the position we are recruiting for this time, we will mainly focus on strengthening relationships with existing customers from Kinki to Tokai and developing customers (basically full-time telework, but we will visit customers from time to time) Equipment manufacturer that uses power electric parts (power transmission) The mission is to convey the appeal of our products to people and have them used by a wider range of companies.
Mandatory requirement Mechanical BA
Sales experience at an industrial equipment manufacturer, machine parts manufacturer, trading company (sales of foreign products)
Those who have business level English or German (because it is necessary for communication with the home country), and those who enjoy working at a start-up company
Preferable requirement Preferential treatment for foreign-affiliated company experience
Conditions [Employment form] Full-time employee
[Work location/transportation] Telework from home
There is no obligation to come to work. Training at the Tokyo head office is planned for the first 2 to 3 months
Message from JIMA [Recruitment background] We are looking for human resources who are ready to work in order to expand our business in Japan.
The brakes, torque limiters, and couplings for elevators and stages that the company manufactures are highly acclaimed around the world. In addition, we are looking for people who can work immediately in order to expand our business in Japan.