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Exchange rate and salary

Most of our recruiting business handle IT-related jobs, especially foreign-affiliated companies, and applicants are bilingual and foreigners. Although it is not so tough to enter the recruiting service market in Japan, there is  certain space related in such segment above  due to language problems and cultural problems. But on the other hand, there are many cases where it is not straightforward. In particular, applicants tend to insist on compensation. It's quite different from the Japanese style, but I never take it negatively as selfish. In many cases, we feel the premise of quitting if we cannot meet the expectations that are commensurate with the expectation. It can be said to be clean, but it can also be said to be frivolous. Even if it seems restless, it is rarely excluded from the human resources market. This is because there is a business culture that positively evaluates the challenge of changing jobs and despises the inability to assert itself. I think many recruiters have the same view.

Now, what I feel at this time is that the rapid depreciation of the yen will further accelerate the difference in salaries between Japan and overseas. This is a tailwind for our business, but it is a factor in the rigidity of human resources in traditional Japanese companies. Excellent foreigners pass through Japan. Excellent Japanese jump out of Japan. Companies and organizations that have lost human resources will decline. It is a matter of course. Once the corona wreck has subsided, it should accelerate rapidly. I myself have the actual experience of living as Japanese company expatriate in the United States when the yen was strong at 80 yen per 1$, so I might think so. It's really good for getting paid in a strong currency and living in a weak currency area, but the opposite situation is tragedy.

Considering the future of Japan, I would recommend young people to take on the challenge of overseas and foreign-affiliated companies. This is a good chance, it is time to jump up. There are many difficulties, but if the price is sufficient, money can maintain yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, just think that you are going to an English conversation class as free. Even if you would not make success , it will be a source of next chance. You can develop thick nerves. Even if you would be fired, you might get good amount of money in many cases. The next job change is not closed. The times, the depreciation of the yen is pushing you.