Michikusa is good in hot summer

This summer was really hot. Writing a blog has become a chore and I've been lazy. Combined with the backlash from being busy with work before the summer vacation season, things have slowed down. Meanwhile, my own alma mater and my children's alma maters were both participating in Koshien, a remarkable and unusual event, and since the first games were on consecutive days, we suddenly had to travel to the Kansai region. His classmates met on-site and then held a victory celebration in Umeda. Anyway, my memories of this summer are that it was hot and excited

In my life, I have many opportunities to visit various places for work, play, and rest, but I love taking detours. If there is a place you can go, it would be a waste not to go. Unless it's a time-sensitive journey, I always get off halfway. Even when traveling by car, there is no way to get there by the shortest distance. For example, if you fly by plane, your route will be "To Osaka" and you will not be able to get off on the way, but if you take a train, your route will be "For Osaka", which will give you flexibility in getting off on the way and taking detours.

Back to the topic, I was returning from Koshien to Tokyo during the Obon holidays. Suddenly, I came up with the idea of using a boat. Computer software such as transit guides are not suitable for planning to loiter on the wayside as they are designed to be very well designed. Map is suitable. Rather than a computer map that can be zoomed in, a Showa-style paper map that can be expanded to give a bird's-eye view is fit for the attractive travel. Well, I'll tell you how I got home next time.