Thousands of customers come after corona is over

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been blogging. why I was so busy? In April and May, there were so many visitors from overseas that we had dinner together almost every week. In the meantime, I also went to overseas. India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, USA East and West, Canada, Singapore. It feels like they gathered in Japan at the timing when the restrictions on accepting overseas travel in Japan were lifted. With the exception of Japan and China, many countries have loosened their regulations since last year, so they must have been left unloaded. The trend is the same for both business and tourism. People in Europe, who by nature love to travel, have been waiting for the timing and set off. You must have accumulated a lot of mileage over the past few years. In addition, for them, 1 US dollar = 130-140 yen and 1 euro = 140-150 yen is already established in Japan, so it's a bargain sale venue, so it must be fun. The facility is clean, the people are kind, and the government is exempt from consumption tax. Well, Higami ends here. It's really fun to meet again in F2F. It seems like it's going to be a pointless story, but it's precisely because I experienced the remoteness of the corona disaster that I was able to feel the difference from F2F and the importance of direct contact. From now on, in communication, hybridization will become more pervasive and established, starting with the way we spend our days and leisure time, and the way we work will change further. I think that the world will become more interesting together with the evolution of AI.