There are few people who have a pin when they hear Qatar. It seems that there are few Japanese who have actually visited the country with the image of "the tragedy of Doha" and "this year's World Cup host country". I had heard about its development from an acquaintance who worked for a trading company, so I decided that I wanted to stop by to see it with my own eyes. did. Unfortunately, we were unable to make a stopover in Qatar due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were able to catch a glimpse of how it has developed during our stay on the plane and at Hamad Airport for a few hours. The QSuite, which is not ashamed of being a top-ranked airline, and is provided with new aircraft, is especially wonderful. Some people may ridicule it as a collection of first-class products from all over the world, but I feel the underlying strength. The scale and luxury of the lounge, the variety of food and drink, the service, and the diversity of visitors are also must-sees.
The presence of the Middle East has greatly improved since the latter half of the 20th century, leveraging energy, but it is actually the center of the world from a global geography perspective. You can fly to well over 100 countries with Qatar Airways. This number is more than double that of Japan Airlines. Regionally, it has direct flights to North America and South America as well as Europe, Asia and Africa. Moreover, the airport operates 24 hours a day, with many flights even in the middle of the night. When I stop by an airport in the Middle East, I always feel that Japan is the Far East. It is certainly on the far right on the world map of Europe and the United States.
Based on large profits from energy, trade that makes use of geographical advantages, immigration policies, skillful business alliances, bid for the World Cup, sponsorship of the Paris SG soccer team, systematic urban planning, etc. . In fact, per capita income and GDP far surpass Japan, making it one of the top groups in the world. This momentum is unlikely to stop. Interestingly, the country, which is one of the top natural gas producers, is now investing in renewable energies, including solar power, and is consolidating its energy base with a long-term perspective. I admire that it is a clever national strategy. This is in stark contrast to some countries that cannot get out of the nuclear one-legged strategy. As long as Russia's brutality continues, the Middle East, which is blessed both geographically and energetically, will continue to prosper. I don't think it's overrated. The average age is low, and it is possible to grow with flexible thinking and overwhelming speed because there is enough to utilize.