Travel to Europe Prologue

Hello again for a longtime. I'm Nakajima, the representative and consultant.
From mid-June, I have been to Europe (UK, France, Switzerland) for a little over two weeks to visit my family while studying in London. The original plan was to return home in June, but as expected, I was infected with Covid 19 in London. As a result, I became a returning refugee and spent about a month mainly in London.
I was able to carry out my work almost remotely in Japan as well, and there were no particular problems in Europe, where the Internet environment was in place. One unfortunate thing was that I couldn't post from the site. Perhaps it's a security issue, I couldn't access the Japanese service provider site. It may have been solved by consulting with the company and devising the settings, but it is really troublesome, so I decided to leave it in a memo and post it after returning to Japan.
It's been 10 years since I stayed abroad for a month, but I'm having a hard time adapting to Japan as if I were completely localized. For the past 10-15 years, the presence of Japan has declined every time I go abroad. The number of expatriates and international students is decreasing year by year, and the number of Japanese tourists is drastically decreasing due to the Kishida isolation system called border measures. I also feel unwillingness and regret. During my stay, there were major incidents such as the resignation of Boris Johnson and the shooting of Shinzo Abe. I couldn't exercise the right to vote for the Upper House election because I became a returning refugee, but instead, I was able to observe the site slowly and see Japan cynically from the other side of the globe. "Corona measures" "Transportation infrastructure" "Payment infrastructure" "Efficiency such as self-registration" "Environmental measures" "Confrontation between management and workers" "Prosperity of the Middle East (Qatar)" "Rapid inflation", etc., politics, economy, society , IT ,,, It will be a random tone, but for a while I would like to spell out various topics at will.