Japan is a digitally underdeveloped country

It will be a post after a long time. Taking the opportunity of the new year, I would like to write down what I felt about once a week.
This time, about the position of IT in Japan. Before I knew that, It became a middle-class country. Ranked 28th in 2021 on the international digital ranking survey. Strangely, it is a decline that keeps pace with wages, prices, and the value of the yen. Compared to the economic scale, it is a pitiful divergence. The correspondence against Covit 19 exposed that fact to the world embarrassingly.
With a decent amount of money, we didn't sweat a lot, we didn't take any risks in a weak sense of crisis, and it is called as Galapagos.
I remember Bill Gates saying something interesting a long time ago. Computers will definitely be cheaper if you wait a year, but can you waste that year? It was the purpose. It's a message that raises short-term sales promotion, but it's true.
Because time passes in a blink of an eye and there is no turning back.
Now, even in Japan, DX is being advocated like "Nembutsu", but even if we strengthen investment and increase the number of IT human resources, I feel that it will not go well for the following reasons.
First of all, human resources development. Unless you thoroughly recognize the importance of time and information before using the tool, you will not be able to think about it. Time is a measure common to all things. Respect trial and error, and speed up without forgetting that "time is a resource given equally to all people" and "cannot be bought or sold or rewound" even if it is "Chorei Bokai". It's no excuse for not being valid in this era of global competition if you're on the sidelines saying, "Hurry up and get things wrong." It is necessary to change the consciousness of time.
In addition, awareness of the importance of information and enlightenment, where it is essential to increase the absolute amount, both individually and in groups, is essential. It is clear from Russia today that limited and biased information can upset judgment. The more information you have, the better, it's not an overstatement. A long time ago, there was a high risk of being buried in information, but with the support of BI and AI technology, it became possible to avoid entering the labyrinth. More than that, you can spend more time using information. The important premise is the division of technology and human beings, thorough consideration of collaboration, ingenuity and mindset to obtain maximum information.I'm very worried about the Japanese-style DX promotion method, which calls keywords repeatedly based on tools, but i will keep attention how to escape from a digitally underdeveloped country.