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HR tansformation is mandatory perior to DX

DX in Japan is in a state of disappointment. Focusing only on the utilization of digital technology, it tends to be a debate about how to "raise the level of what has been done", and it tends to be a roundabout. There is no doubt that the subject is transformation, not digital. All that is needed is new blood. Unless we constantly supply human resources who have experience in different cultures and industries and are willing to take on challenges, we will not move forward.
Many Japanese managers and managers seem to know it in their heads, but the overwhelming majority of them hesitate when it comes to hiring. Understanding IT, being able to speak English, having experience in foreign cultures and his business, being willing to take on challenges, being content with low wages, and being comfortable with Japanese corporate culture are the requirements. This does not mean that human resources can be accumulated. There is no future for Japan if uncles and aunts who are not good at IT are in charge of personnel, who cannot speak English, have no experience of global business without struggling overseas, cannot take on the challenge of staying in a company where wages do not rise. It is a country with a large number of young people who want to become civil servants.
Japanese executives should take this fact seriously and start transformation from themselves and the human resources department first. What to do before transformation is to trade (release) managers who do not understand the trade-offs (antinomy).