Japanese software vendor
Business planning

Recruit Number230307

Company (anonymous) (Company name undisclosed)Development of AI software solutions
Job type / Position Web Engineer
Job description product development
Requirements definition, design and development of new functions and new products
Planning and execution of productivity improvement measures for development organizations
Eliminate Technical Debt
Improve maintainability of source code and expand test code by rearfactoring
Improving technical skills of development members
Mandatory requirement More than 3 years of experience in design, implementation and operation in web system development
Assuming development experience using Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, etc.
Agile development experience in a team
Experience in team development using GitHub, GitLab, etc.
Experience in agile development in a Scrum team
Experience involved in team development from the service specification review stage
Preferable requirement ・Technology selection for the entire service
・Experience in architecture design and construction, experience in leading operation construction
・Implementation experience from web front end to back end
・Experience implementing web front end with UX in mind
Conditions [Employment form] Full-time employee
[Work location/Transportation] Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
[Salary] Annual income 5-7.5 million yen
Message from JIMA It is an AI development vendor that is currently making rapid progress. Why don’t you play an active part in the lively corporate culture among the young management team?   
Please contact us for details. Foreigners who are fluent in Japanese can also apply.