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Recruit Number230305

Company (anonymous) (Company name undisclosed)Development of AI software solutions
Job type / Position technical lead
Job description Responsible for development team with broad discretion as Tech Lead
Product development lead, architecture selection
Technical policy design in product development
Team member technical mentor
After joining the company, it is assumed that you will be entrusted with the technical lead while actually working on the site.
Eventually, you will be responsible for the growth, management, and education of the organization.
Development, evaluation and recruitment of team members
Formulation of guidelines for the engineering organization and dissemination to the outside
Measures related to improving developer experience
Mandatory requirement More than 5 years of experience in design, implementation and operation in web system development
[Technology stack]
 Backend: Ruby on Rails
 Front end: Vue 3, Vite, Typescript
Infrastructure: AWS, Terraform, Docker, etc.
Others: GitHub, GitLab, Slack, asana, etc.
*For the development of new products, there are places where we will select technologies from now on.
*It is not necessary to be familiar with all the above technology stacks.
Preferable requirement ・Experience in technology selection in web system development
・Development engineer organization management experience
・Lead engineer, project management experience
・Knowledge of algorithms and data structures
・Development experience in a Scrum/Agile system
Conditions [Employment form] Full-time employee
[Work location/Transportation] Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
[Salary] Annual income 10-14 million yen
Message from JIMA It is an AI development vendor that is currently making rapid progress. Why don’t you play an active part in the lively corporate culture among the young management team?   
Please contact us for details. Foreigners who are fluent in Japanese can also apply.