listed real estate company
Information Systems Division
IT Specialist

Recruit Number102

Job type / Position IT Specialist
Company (anonymous) Real estate development, sales, maintenance and management, urban development (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
・The largest condominium company in the industry, boasting the largest number of condominiums supplied and the largest number of condominiums managed.
・Actively promoting use of IT
・Considering for work-life balance, various systems and benefits for employees are available.
Job description Responsibilities for IT Specialist:
・Basic design of the system foundation (infrastructure)
・Design the physical configuration based on functional, non-functional, and operational requirements for the platform.
・Developing a migration plan and migration test plan in the case of system migration.
Mandatory requirement ・Experience in upstream process and project management for infrastructure construction
・Experience in design of network systems security measures and project management
・Experience in hardware product implementation design and project management
・Experience in designing and building cloud computing and application common infrastructure, and project management
Preferable requirement ・Good at communicating with users.
・Good at communicating with vendors
・Good at communicating (upward, downward, and horizontally) in internal organization
Conditions Annual Salary :6 mil JPY ~ 15mil JPY
( Monthly salary plan:Basic salary  400,000JPY ~ 1,000,000JPY )
Message from JIMA As a key person in the IT department, you will have the possibility of great promotion depending on your performance.
This is a good opportunity to become a part of a team that aims for DX, and to grow the company and yourself with a long-term perspective.